Monday, December 26, 2011

Jose-Amir 2K12 Lead Pass Cheese And Accountability


With Dwane Casey preaching a culture change of a defensive mentality, Raptors fans can expect a team that won't necessarily be the most talented, but will always try to out work the opposition.

Last night against Cleveland, we saw just that. Make no mistake, this team doesn't look like it will challenge for a playoff spot, but it was great to see some of our players compete. Two that stuck out the most to me were Amir Johnson and Jose Calderon. Amir looked like he was serious about his Defensive Player of the Year goals, and Jose looked like TJ Ford was on his tail again.

And then of course, there was that pass...Anyone who's ever played a game of NBA 2K knows the way to a win is to abuse the paint with some lead passing. Check out 4:30-5:30 of this video to see what Jose and Amir had perfected last night.

What caught my eye? At 4:40 of the 3rd quarter, Bargnani gave up yet another offensive rebound, and at a critical point of the game as well. Immediately, Coach Casey subs in Ed Davis and puts Bargs on the bench. Accountability will key in truly changing the culture of this franchise.

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