Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DeMar Tebow

In the last two games, for the Raptors, quite a few things have been consistent. For starters, the effort has been there. The Raps may not be the most talented, but that's two straight games where I've seen dives to the floor for a loose ball. Secondly, the improved help defense, especially by James Johnson and Ed Davis.

And then there's DeMar DeRozan, who has been consistently inconsistent. In the first three quarters, DeMar has shown a lack of confidence, and at times, looks completely lost. He's been a big part of why the Raps are unable to get their offense going early. And when the only other scoring option in the starting line up gets in foul trouble like Bargs did last game, even an improved defense can't save the team,

Here are DeRozan's averages in the first three quarters in comparison to the 4th quarter.

QRT 1-3

5/15 FGA


Average Amount of Pts In First Three Quarters Combined: 6.0


11/ 13 FGA


Average Amount of Pts in Fourth Quarter: 12.5

We'll see if this small sample size turns into a trend for Mr. No Props Needed.

What caught my eye? The Raptors opened up the game with six straight stops on the defensive end. Unfortunately, they were unable to capitalize on it on offense due to poor offensive sets and moving screens, but it was a nice change to see us work hard on the defensive end.

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