Friday, November 4, 2011

Basketball Never Stops? Nike Explains.

Even while in the midst of a lockout, Nike is capitalizing on their superstar roster and unleashing their "Basketball Never Stops" movement. The company decided to release a follow up video for their commercial to explain what exactly they meant - perhaps to avoid any sticky situations with the current labour dispute. Check out both the follow up video and the actual commercial below.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mayor John Henry Knows His Power Basketball

Oshawa Mayor John Henry was able to place the proverbial cherry on top on a historic night for Oshawa and Canadian basketball. With a convincing 107-80 win over the Moncton Miracles, John Henry can now look forward to seeing pictures of Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc sporting an Oshawa Power jersey at the next Moncton Council Meeting. This is all due to a friendly wager that involved Henry having to sport a Miracles jersey at his own meeting had the Power lost. But you know what they say, there are gamblers, and there are those who take calculated risks, and then there are those who just know their basketball.

Props to Mayor John Henry for showing support of the Power in my class' lecture yesterday morning. There was genuine pride in his eyes as he repeatedly mentioned the home opener to a lecture hall full of journalism students.

On that note, we hope to have members and players of the Oshawa Power as guests on Hoops N Hip-Hop this year.

Power Up.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Last "What Could Have Been" Please

"We just felt like nobody could stop us" - Tracy McGrady on his time with Vince Carter in Toronto.

Today on TSN at 5pm est, a very special episode of Off The Record with Michael Landsberg treats basketball fans all over Canada with guests Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, and Charles Oakley. The trio will be talking about their time in Toronto and possibly what could have happened had the dynamic duo decided to stay together.

I've always been of the opinion that had the cousins grown together in Toronto, they would have ended up being one of the greatest duos in NBA history. Vince Carter ended up being the face of the NBA for the next few years, while Tracy McGrady became the original Kevin Durant with better athleticism and defensive skills. Two legitimate MVP candidates on the same team.

If only.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Taking My Talents To Flag Football

While players like Sonny Weems and Ty Lawson deal with racism overseas, several NBA players have chosen to keep loose with some good ol fashioned flag football.

Kevin Durant being the most recent notable NBA'er to sport the flags when he surprised some university students in Oklahoma by dropping in on their flag football game. The news here? Durant stays in OKC during his free time.

Moving to L.A. next, the usual suspects of the Drew League take a break and lace up for their own games. Here are pictures of DeMar DeRozan (which also includes Matt Barnes and Corey Maggette), Nick Young, and Brandon Jennings' squads.

Which got me thinking? Who's who in the NBA when it comes to the football world?

Most likely to turn into Megatron? LBJ or Dwade?

Most likely to be that QB who has more rushing TDs than passing TDs? Monta Ellis.

Most likely to form their own Revis Island? Debatable, but I like Rajon Rondo or Tony Allen here.

Most likely to compete for rushing title? Derrick Rose

Trick or Lockout!

Alright you got me. That's not a Halloween picture, but what that IS however, is Steve Nash not being common perception Steve Nash, so that's good enough for me as a costume picture.

Tonight, we're going to leave the grunt work in the negotiation room, and go light - really light. Here are some of your favorite NBA players in costumes (obviously not jerseys) in celebration of the one night you can be whatever you desire.

First off, New York Knicks superstar Amare Stoudemire. At first, I thought he was just being silly with the whole Jewish background thing. But maybe, it is truly in fact a legit part of his identity. Maybe.

This piece of fine art is apparently called Shaqeeta. Big ol Shaquille O'Neal is easily the most intimidating man in drag the human race can offer. Ironically, he soon got injured after this.

From one Superman to another...? C'mon Wally, you're not the Man of Steel. You're more like Aquaman, or the blue Power Ranger. A role player! Or you could have gone as a Wal Mart employee and won my heart.

Oh D-Wade, you sly character you. Just when I think the Raptors have you cornered, you always manage to sidestep this way, crossover that way, and get to the basket. So I shouldn't have been surprised when you didn't go with the stereotypical Flash costume and instead crosover'd to trying your hand at whiteface.

Marquis Daniels of the Boston Celtics - he's still with the Celts right? - gets an A+ from me for being ahead of the curve and getting a jump on preaching money saving skills to his fellow NBA peers last year.

Let's stay with the Celts for a second here and take time to admire this ensemble they've put on. I mean c'mon, just look at all that food.

P.S. Rondo's Tiger Woods such a good costume!

Rudy Gay and Ray Allen summon their inner King of Pop from different eras. Best part is that I've never seen robotic Rudy Gay look so smooth and usually smooth Ray Allen look so robotic.

And last but not least, this is Kobe Bryant stealing your soul.

Happy Halloween everybody!