Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2K12 Sneak Peak: Ratings and New Raptors Court?

With the NBA lockout in full swing, J-School eating up a lot of my time, and having to get people buy things they don't need - this blog has taken a back seat in my life once again. I've brainstormed a couple of ideas with my senior editor (the girlfriend) for a new blog idea I can do on the side while the NBA fixes this tiny mess. But after some thought and the encouragement of readers through email and twitter messaging, we're going to decide to stick this out and weather the basketball storm. The GamePointBlog staff will be ready and basically use this moment in limbo as our "preseason".

Make sure to keep a lookout for Hoops N Hip-Hop to be back on the air in October. Check out our Facebook page for downloads to the podcast. The GamePointBlog will also very likely have a few guest writers appear here and there (with us returning the favour of course). Lastly, if you go to Durham College or UOIT, keep an eye out for our very own DJ Johnson making his newspaper writing debut in The Chronicle.

Now for your featured presentation!

So it's that time of the year again! NBA 2K12 magically appears on game shelves everywhere in North America on October 6 - that's next week for those who've lost track of time. And as per tradition, basketball fans around the globe can't wait to break down the player ratings and subsequently throw F-Bombs at the developers for 2K Sports.

In the video above, you'll basically see a list of all the players and their ratings. Some people will be satisfied. Others won't. Ask the high flying Raptor DeMar DeRozan.

DeRozan 2K Rating Response

Well, that's what happens when you play North of the 49 right?

On that note, 2K does seem to get a few things right. One of those things being their ability to get a heads up on what the teams' courts decal will look like for the upcoming season. Well - check 0:24-0:25 of the video to see what the new Toronto Raptors court may possibly look like for whenever basketball does start up again. It appears to be a remixed version of what centre court used to be a few years ago, as well as an all-red paint area. And oh yeah - us getting scored on in the interior.

Regardless of what becomes the final product of the game, it does look like for at least the near future, NBA 2K12 will be our sole fix for the NBA.

- Kris Cuaresma

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