Monday, May 23, 2011

Top 50 Dunks of 2011

So here's a video I came across recently on Youtube that was uploaded by azndaniel167. Here, you'll be treated to an opinion of which throwdowns were the best of the season. Unfortunately, this doesn't include some of the nice dunks we've seen in the playoffs, but you'll be entertained nonetheless.

No worries by the way, KIA is not sponsoring this video or this blog. Though they do know how to contact me!

Some Observations

- 43 had the sexiest pass. Definitely all about the pass.
- 41 one of my favourites from this season
- 33 is some 2K cheese
- 25 had perfect amount of elevation and extension.
- 7 and 6 may be too high for me
- I have no problem with #1 but Kevin Harlan definitely helps add to its awesomeness.

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