Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mission Control : Houston, We Have No Adelman

NOTE: Today, we dip into the mind of Hoop N Hip-Hop's very own Southern Belle, Christie. She gives her opinion on the situation down in Houston, Texas as they continue their search for a new coach.

It’s been a rough few years for the Houston Rockets with injuries mounting every season and superstars doing little more than warming the bench. This wasn’t the way Rick Adelman had planned it, and not the way he wanted to end his career. Morey has decided to play young ball for the first time in a very long time, and Adelman wasn’t up for the challenge. So we are saying goodbye to the Adelman era and hello to……. Something.

I will not pretend to tell you what the higher-ups are thinking with their list of prospects, but one thing is for sure, they want a lapdog above all else. Reported to be in the final running are Lawrence Frank, Dwane Casey, and Kevin McHale. I’m not surprised however that Sam Cassell didn’t make the final cut even though he was considered. But to put Kevin McHale there? Seriously? As some of you may know I have a soft spot for the Cassell man, after all he is from Houston and played on the Houston Rockets during their 2-peat championships just to be traded for Charles Barkley in his decline.

There are other prospects who didn’t make the final cut that I think should have….

Mario Elle for starters. He use to play for the Houston Rockets and is currently the assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings. Not only that but his wife is here in Houston working as an anchor for one of the top television stations in the area. Not only would he be delighted to be with his wife a lot more often, but he has the Rockets' pride drilled into his brain and will put forth a tremendous amount of effort to not only win, but to also kiss Morey’s backside as often as needed. It’s a win-win for all involved and could have been a start to a very heartfelt Disney movie in the making!

Mike Budenholzer is also a prime candidate, especially after the season he just had as the assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs. Actually I would be willing to say he may be my top candidate. Sure there may have to be a bit more PR to get him accepted here right away just because the Spurs and the Rockets have a fairly intense rivalry, but not any more than they have with the Mavericks; and I seem to see Dwane Casey listed as a finalist up there. So what’s the deal? Why Casey and not Budenholzer? Why wouldn’t you want the man who is seen as the best assistant coach in the NBA? Could it be that he will not bend over backwards for Morey? I think so…

Quin Snyder (76ers) wouldn’t be a bad fit if the Rockets are really dead set on building from the ground up. He has proven himself with young players and developing young talent. He is thought to be a great communicator with his players, but on the down side I could see him becoming like Toronto’s current coach Triano and babying his players too much. To the upside, the men upstairs should like his ‘yes man’ attitude.

At the end of the day they have to pick someone, anyone at this point, but to what end? I don’t think they have explored all their options. I agree with not promoting anyone from the current coaching line-up, because that is not a way to change a team. However, I don’t think they have explored all the avenues. They want to have someone chosen before the draft. At the end of the day does it really matter who the coach is by then? No it really doesn’t. The Rockets have again put themselves in one of the worst positions come draft time. Not only did they ensure they couldn’t make the play-offs but they succeeded in securing the worst possible lottery option as well. This year’s draft is so shallow that a typical 20th draft pick will now go around number 10. Odds are that the rockets will end up with a benchwarmer with less basketball IQ then the local towel boy. It’s going to be a sad few more years for the Rockets. When Obama shut down NASA, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean ALL rockets had to be grounded.

Written by: Christie

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