Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Another Disappointment Or The First Step Torwards A Championship?

Tonight, is a significant moment in the history of the Toronto Raptors. As soon as the clock strikes 8:30 pm est, Raptors Nation will find out what the future holds for a franchise that has had more downs than ups.

It all comes down to the bounce of a ping pong ball.

There will be a total of 1000 ping pong balls - 156 of them belonging to the Raptors - and all we need is for one of them to fall our way.

This year's draft is said to only have two players likely to achieve all-star status in Duke's Kyrie Irving and Arizona's Derrick Williams (though even Williams has question marks in my opinion - we'll get into that when Hoops N Hip-Hop breaks down each draft entrant later).

With the amount of risks that fall after the first two picks, where we end up after tomorrow night has the potential to impact the success this franchise sees for the next 4-5 years. Get lucky and move up, and the Raptors likely add a future rookie-of-the-year to their roster. Stay put or fall down in the draft, and possibly set yourself up for a prolonged rebuilding period.

As of right now, the Raptors have the 3rd best chance to land the #1 pick with 15.6%. Here are the rest of the lottery teams' chances in comparison:

Minnesota - 25%
Cleveland - 19.9%
Toronto - 15.6%
Washington - 11.9%
Sacramento - 7.6%
New Jersey - 7.5%
Detroit - 4.3%
Los Angeles - 2.8%
Charlotte - 1.7%
Milwaukee - 1.1%
Golden State- 0.8%
Utah - 0.7%
Phoenix - 0.6%
Houston - 0.5%

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