Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Grizz Have An App For That

The Memphis Grizzlies are a legitimate championship contender.


Because they literally have an answer for anything and everything you throw at them.

If you happen to be a methodical, precise, and cerebral half-court team like oh, I dunno, the Spurs; then they have enough athleticism, youth, and speed to play at a hectic pace.

But unlike previous run-n-gun teams like the the SSOL Suns and Warriors, Memphis can also efficiently execute half-court sets. And on top of that, the Grizzlies can vary their attacks in the half-court. Bullying their way inside with Marc Gasol, or making it rain from the perimeter with the likes of Mayo, Conley, and Battier results in a pick-your-poison offense.

Let's face it, at the end of the day, to succeed in the playoffs means having that one superstar to take over in the clutch and bring home the win. The Grizzlies? They go to Mr. Zach Randolph, who in my humble opinion is currently playing like the best power forward in the league. Everyone knows Z-Bo is going to get the ball, but more often than not, there's nothing you can do to prevent him from scoring when the game is on the line.

On the flip side, you're not going to get very far in the playoffs without stopping the other team's best player. Where most teams have one defensive stopper, the Grizzlies have an army of them. Even if you combined a super team comprised of Spurs and Thunder players, - let's roll with Westbrook/Ginobli/Durant/Duncan/Perkins - the Grizz could still match-up defensively with Conley/Allen/Battier/Randolph/Gasol and get away with it.

With the Lakers now down 0-2 to Dallas, the Grizzlies may very well have a real chance of making it all the way to the finals. Getting by the Thunder will not be an easy task, but don't be surprised if they manage to find a way to slip by OKC and then the eventual winner of LA/Dallas.

And then considering I have the Heat coming out of the East, I don't see a team right now (other than the Thunder) currently better equipped to handle Miami's Big 3.

Do you?

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