Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st Is The Worst, 2nd Is The Best, 5th Is The One That Goes To The Raptors

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Okay. So that didn't go too well.

But we've got to just move on and make the best of the situation we've been given. Assuming we don't trade the pick, there are still players with a decent amount of upside at the 5th slot. They may not be the safer game changers like Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams, but that doesn't mean we can't luck out and find someone who makes everyone down the road question how he fell to five.

In case you were wondering, for your convenience, the last 15 years worth of 5th overall picks.

2010 - DeMarcus Cousins
2009 - Ricky Rubio
2008 - Kevin Love
2007 - Jeff Green
2006 - Shelden Williams
2005 - Raymond Felton
2004 - Devin Harris
2003 - Dwyane Wade
2002 - Nikoloz Tskitishvili
2001 - Jason Richardson
2000 - Mike Miller
1999 - Jonathan Bender
1998 - Vince Carter
1997 - Tony Battie
1996 - Ray Allen
1995 - Kevin Garnett

There are some nice names on that list, some of the more notable ones including Wade, Ray Allen, KG, and even Vince Carter. However, there has also been plenty of misses over the years. And unfortunately, this year's draft looks more like the 2000 version in regards to talent pool.


Keep a lookout for our special Hoops N Hip-Hop "Draft Roundtable" feature as we break down each of the players that could possibly be there at the 5th pick for the Raptors to draft.

Oh, and screw you Lucky Charms leprechaun, bigger marshmallows my a**!

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