Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Closer Look At Triano's Out-of-Timeout Sequences

If you managed to catch the Raptors' last game against the Atlanta Hawks, you know how tight of a contest it was the entire way. With so many lead changes, the value of every possession was magnified. Make the best of your opportunities, or fall behind in the hectic pace that the opposing team was playing at - that was the mind frame on a snowy Wednesday night in Toronto.

Coincidentally, I chose to keep track of every sequence the Raptors ran out of timeouts. They say this is where coaches earn their money, as games can often be decided by one possession.

So here is the full version of my transcript from last night's out of time out plays. It includes the time, score, and a quick point form description of what we ran. Keep in mind, it's not to be taken concrete. Teams (especially young ones) who lack experience in execution often end up running broken plays. Let this serve more as an idea of what direction Triano decides to go after every timeout.


Score: 8-12
Time: 5:50 - 1st QRT
Sequence: Bargnani receives the ball at the high post, DeMar takes the ball on a dribble hand-off off a curl around Bargs, made layup by DeMar. (10-12)

Score: 18-19
Time: 2:30 - 1st QRT
Sequence: Handoff to Barbosa at the top of 3 point line, drives to the rim and draws defender help, kicks out to DeMar along baseline for jumper or drive, DeMar turns ball over due to defensive pressure. (18-19)

Score: 20-25
Time: 0:34 - 1st QRT
Sequence: No play run. Free throw for Davis, and fastbreak by Bayless.

Score: 21-27
Time: 12:00 - 2nd QRT
Sequence: Bayless hands ball of to Davis at the top of 3 point line, Bayless sets pick at high post for Bargnani curl, Bargs catches and shoots, misses. (21-27)

Score: 33-37
Time: 8:00 - 2nd QRT
Sequence: Bargs calls for the ball at high post but is denied, Bayless can't make the entry pass and instead drives to the rim, misses layup. (33-37)

Score: 40-45
Time: 5:40 - 2nd QRT
Sequence: Barbosa takes the ball to the top of 3 point line; waits for an Amir screen, drives to opposite side of screen and makes layup. (42-45)

Score: 50-56
Time: 2:15 - 2nd QRT
Sequence: Bargnani with the ball at the wing; Calderon runs through two off-ball screens, catches ball and shoots a 3 at the top of 3 point line; miss. (50-56)

Score: 55-60
Time: 0:20 - 2nd QRT
Sequence: Bayless hands off to Barbosa at the top of 3 point line, Barbosa penetrates to the basket and misses layup. (55-60)

Score: 55-60
Time: 12:00 - 3rd QRT
Sequence: DeMar/Bargs/Calderon swing to each other on the perimeter, Calderon with the ball at the wing uses a Bargs pick to drive the rim but is cut off, Jose passes it to Amir at the free throw line who is closed out on, Amir throws it back out to Jose in the corner, the broken play results in Jose passing it to DeMar on the opposite wing who shoots at end of shot clock, miss. (55-60)

Score: 66-70
Time: 5:27 - 3rd QRT
Sequence: Kleiza comes off a curl expecting a pass from Jose, pass is deflected out of bounds. (66-70)

Score: 70-72
Time: 2:20 - 3rd QRT
Sequence: Bayless passes to Barbosa at top of 3 point line, ISO against Crawford, drives to the rim and draws foul. Two free throws made. (72-72)

Score: 77-75
Time: 12:00 - 4th QRT
Sequence: Bayless with the ball at wing; Barbosa comes from the baseline and sets screen on Amir's man near the free throw line, Amir curls off screen to the rim for an alley oop, Bayless decides the pass isn't there and instead passes it to Barbosa for an ISO at the top of the key, ball bounces off Crawford's foot and out of bounds. (77-75)

Score: 83-80
Time: 8:34 - 4th QRT
Sequence: Barbosa drives baseline, kicks out to DeMar at the wing who is closed out on, quickly passes it back to Barbosa in the corner for 3, misses. (83-80)

Score: 87-86
Time: 6:00 - 4th QRT
Sequence: Barbosa gets ball on the wing, Amir sets screen, Barbosa drives to basket and makes layup. (89-86)

Score: 93-91
Time: 2:58 - 4th QRT
Sequence: Calderon pick n pop with Bargnani, Bargs catches ball at 3 point line, drives when defender closes out on him, pull up jumper at the free throw line and makes it. (95-91)

Score: 101-99
Time: 0:20 - 4th QRT
Sequence: Jose waits for Amir screen at the top, Amir sets illegal screen, foul called. Turnover. (101-99)

Score: 101-102
Time: 0:08 - 4th QRT
Sequence: Raptors get the big on small switch for Horford on Jose. Jose drives to the rim, layup is blocked, ball bounces off Jose and out of bounds. (101-102)


A few quick things I noticed:

- There was talk about freezing our DeMar after his hot start on the forums and on twitter. It seems as though other than our first two plays after timeouts, DeMar did not see a single play run for him. The only other time he was involved was on a bailout at the end of the shot clock.

- A conscious effort was made to feed the hot hand in Barbosa and force Jamal Crawford to play defense. For the most part, having Barbosa go 1 on 1 with Jamal worked out for the Raps. Crawford had to put in work on the defensive end, while Barbosa could sneak a rest with our 2-3.

- Bargnani was able to receive the ball only 3 out of 17 times in these sequences. The duo of Smith and Horford may have caused the Raptors to steer away from Bargnani.

- The Raptors turned possessions into points only 4 out of 17 times. Ultimately, they're going to need to have better execution than that if they want to win close games like this one in the future.

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