Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NBA 2K The Life - Spotlight With Warriors Owner QJB

Only four days into the second season of The Life, and a front runner has already emerged. Boasting an enviable record of 16-3, QJB has his hot Warriors squad sitting on the top of the entire league.

Fresh off his thrilling victory over the Spurs, we sat down with the humble professional who holds the keys to what I like to call the "Showtime Warriors".

Q: You just wrapped up a close game against Emo's Spurs squad, what was going through your mind on the last possession?

QJB: There was 1.1 seconds left on the clock. I was expecting to go to overtime after he hit a clutch 3 pointer to tie the game. So I inbounded the ball to Eric Gordon, one of my best shooters, and he tossed it up and made it. My team was going crazy on the court after he made the game winner against such a great opponent

Q: You're Warriors team is leading the league in PPG, 2nd in assists, and 3rd in FG%, it's safe to say you have your team running like an offensive machine, is that an identity you pride yourself on?

QJB: Our team is doing our best to win games. It isn't a big deal what we are ranked among the league in those categories as long as we have wins. Everyday we strive to get better and even though John Wall is a rookie, he is playing like he has been in the NBA for years.

Q: This is basically your first season in The Life League, considering you arrived on the scene late into the last season. There was some controversy with your first round match-up, is that early exit/elimination something you think about still?

QJB: Yes, of course it's still in the back of my mind, but you have to push on and strive to get better to prevent something like that from happening again. Everyone in the league is competitive and good, and even though we get into it sometime, it's all in the love for the game.

Q: Describe your game in one word.

QJB: VeryveryveryFAST

Q: We know about John Wall, we know about Smoove, but who's been the unsung hero of the 1st place Warriors up to this point?

QJB: Everyone has contributed in their own way up to this point from Nick Young, to Gordon, Anderson, all of the big men and Jeremy Lin coming off of the bench to fill in for Wall and continue to run the offense at a high level.

Q: As of the 14th of December, you have the best record in the entire league, what's your message to every other baller in the league right now gunning for your spot?

QJB: It's a tough road to get to this point. Every game my team has played has been a test for my guys. Everyone brings their best on each night out there, especially if they know you are a good team. We will continue to accept every challenge and look every team straight in the eyes and dare them to play 110% on the court with us.

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