Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hoops N Hip-Hop Podcast #5

Hosted by Kris Cuaresma and DJ Johnson. For this show, we brought in special guest underground rapper Prince Black, CEO of Dynasty Bully Gang. We take a look into his life, career, and listen to some of his tracks. As well, we dive into the Toronto Raptors, and a lot of Miami Heat talk.

Make sure to check out Prince Black on Twitter. Also check out his MySpace and Youtube Channel

Digital Table of Contents

0:00 - Intro
1:04 - Fancy (Drake ft. Mary J and Swiss Beatz)
5:45 - Q&A With Prince Black
9:18 - Don't Act Surprised (Prince Black, Prod. By DJ Johnson)
12:50 Q&A With Prince Black Continued
17:01 I Love You (Chris Brown ft. Ester Dean)
20:16 - Raptors Basketball Talk
26:33 - Prince of the City (Prince Black)
29:39 - Miami Heat Discussion
31:51 - Hoops N Hip-Hop Throwdown Question
35:32 - I Shot A Warhol (Murs)
39:10 - Wrap up
41:01 - What The Bleep Of The Week
42:00 - Outro
43:15 - DJ DNYCE Mix

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