Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hornets Give A Bit-O-Honey To The Raptors

Here's a post from guest writer Rose Arcana. If you guys don't remember, she was the first ever guest on the Raptors Rundown podcast. She's our resident American - or Texan as she prefers - and a loyal Rockets fans.

Here's her perspective on the recent 5-player trade between the Raptors and the Hornets:

There has been a deal struck between the Toronto Raptors and the New Orleans Hornets. It involves the trading of Jarret Jack, Marcus Banks, and Davis Andersen from the Raptors in return for Predraq Stojakovic and Jerryd Bayless from the Hornets.

To some it may seem like New Orleans was ripped by the Raptors in the deal, but at the end of the day I believe the Hornets are just sharing a bit of the sweet stuff from the honey pot. The Hornets received a couple of serviceable players on cheap contracts. The added depth to their roster will come in handy as the season progresses and they make their play-off run. They are going for it all now, so there’s no need to keep an expiring contract the size of Stojakovic when he isn't helping their cause.

The Hornets are also getting Jack who will be a great back-up point guard for any contending team, he really never has been a great starter. Not to mention he is buddies with Chris Paul.... Jack has friends in high places, too bad he has to ride coat tails to be wanted.

Now for the Raps piece of the candy. They will get a large expiring contract in Stojakovic which will be a great trading chip, and yes I think they will trade him before the season is out. In my opinion it will be a joint trade to sweeten up a deal to get rid of Calderon. Plus they got a young guy to grow with the team and hopefully they can actually get some great chemistry, the kind of chemistry the Raps have been showing lately on this three game winning streak. Tossing Andersen in the deal frees up time for Ed Davis when he returns, which should be pretty soon right? One more thing that this trade does for the Raps is give them a legit line-up to tank with so they can get K. Irving in the next draft….. Then the year after next, 2012 - Atlantic champions…… 2014 - Eastern champions, and finally 2015 - NBA Champions!

Long term planning for sure, but all these young, long contracts give the Raptors a chance to have players grow with them and grow together not apart. Best thing about honey is that it makes everything stick together and tastes ohhhh so sweet in the end!

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