Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hoops N Hip-Hop Podcast #4

What's up readers (and passerbyers) of the GamePointBlog.

To bring up what some have taken the time to email me about, I haven't been able to put in as much work into this blog due to the Hoops N Hip-Hop project. Combined with school and a new part time job, and you can see this kid is feeling the pressure. But no worries, the plan is to switch gears and get this going.

To assist with that, I'm going to include all blogs, podcasts, and videos associated with the Hoops N Hip-Hop show with the GamePointBlog.

A lot of really cool and big things planned. Thanks for sticking with me, and keep the emails coming!

Meanwhile, here's the official online upload to the 4th show of Hoops N Hip-Hop. It was our "Throwback Special" and was hosted by myself and DJ Johnson.

Digital Table of Contents:

0 - Intro
0:34 - This is Me (Common)
5:29 - Opening
7:20 - Raptors Basketball
12:23 - Do For Love (2Pac ft. Blackstreet)
16:56 - Top 10 Favourite Raptors Of All Time
22:21 - Respiration (Black Star)
26:15 - Woo Ha! (Busta Rhymes)
28:52 - All-Retired Team
32:08 - Greatest 3-Point Shooter Of All Time
34:00 - Mo Money Mo Problems (Notorious BIG ft. Mase, Puff Daddy)
38:09 - Back In The Day (Pharcyde)
41:32 - Greatest Player Of All Time?
44:39 - What The Bleep Of The Week
47:14 - Outro
47:56 - DJ DNYCE Mix

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