Monday, October 18, 2010

Hedo: From Toronto, With Love

The highlight of the yesterday's Raptors/Suns game (besides getting the W obviously) occurred late in the 2nd quarter with under a minute left. Even through my league pass stream, I was able to hear a very disgruntled fan voice his displeasure with the Pizza Man Hedo Turkoglu.

At first, it was kind of bugging me that the attendance was so weak - seeing an empty ACC during a Raptors game is something I find depressing - but then without such a small crowd, this beautiful moment wouldn't have been made possible.

The awkwardness of it all was enhanced by the complete silence of the moment. The only thing that would have made it any better is if a camera had been on Turk's face at the time, or if someone had thrown pizza at him.

To whoever you are dude, thanks for representing Raptors Nation. You made all of us proud. And to Mr. Turkoglu, this is only preseason, wait until the games actually mean something, we'll really bring it to the table then - unlike some people.

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