Wednesday, September 29, 2010

With A Side of Red - Sept.28/10

One of these things is not like the others...

Goodbye Mr. Bosh (who still owes me a signed jersey). And hello to what Sonny Weems so elegantly describes as the "After-Bosh" Era. But before we put the second foot through the door, let's stop by Ira Winderman's twitter. The man has the exciting job of getting to cover the Miami Heat this year. Here some of his tweets regarding Chris Bosh and their practice today.

"Chris Bosh on getting to work with Wade, LeBron: "Having the opportunity to work with those guys I think is a very special thing."

You think? I still think you're the best PF in the NBA, but you've been regulated to clean up duties.

Chris Bosh on the value of these drills: "Getting back in shape isn't easy."

Especially after an ankle, knee, or face injury. But don't worry, according to The Sun's article on you, just hit up Dr. Anthony Galea on speed dial.

Chris Bosh tries to attack lane off the dribble. Turnover.

Ah. There's the Chris I remember last seeing.

Alright. There. Out of my system. No more Bosh posts for the rest of the season; unless it involves a game against the Heat of course.

In other more relevant news, FAN 590 Raptors play-by-play man Paul Jones had a rather interesting tweet regarding today's practice.

Unfortunately, this is going to happen with a young group, especially during this time of training camp. The eagerness may be there, but the consistent focus understandably won't. However, I do like the fact that Triano is setting the tone early. He told us during the end of season presser that he had learned a lot. So far, he's putting that acquired knowledge to work.

Next up, the big question that comes with every Raptors training camp - at least with BC in charge. "Who will start?"

Well according to this article, it looks like we have two players locked in.

And to top it off, just in case you haven't caught the onslaught of new videos have posted, you can check out some of them below.

I'm looking to get big things done with the GamePointBlog this year. More posts, new staff, more podcasts, more interviews, and a video section. Thank you to the readers for giving this blog a chance, this is only the beginning. Whatever it is you're doing, I hope you enjoyed it "With A Side of Red".

Raptors Media Day and Day 1 of Camp

Day 2 of Camp

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