Friday, March 5, 2010

With A Side Of Red - Mar.5/10 [Lest We Forget - Ball]

What's going on fellow blogger readers. My apologies for not being able to put up a post yesterday. Responsibilities outside of the Raptors began to pile up, and I didn't want to give it half the effort. But we're back, and rightfully so, because so are the Toronto Raptors. I thought I'd do something a little different today, so let's get it poppin'. Here's everything that matters to you in the world of the Raptors in the latest edition of "With A Side Of Red".

[In my best Dwight Schrute voice] Question...That feeling you get when you look at this picture, what is that odd and unfamiliar sensation...?

Answer: Two things. That's is the feeling of beating the New York Knicks. And it is also the feeling of having your 5-time All-Star Chris Bosh in the lineup.

Tonight, your very own Toronto Raptors take on those Knickerbockers in what will be the most retro an NBA game can get. Sporting those clean looking Huskies jerseys, the game will be honoring the first ever NBA game played, which just happened to be between these two squads. Got myself a ticket:

Yes, the rivalry between the Raps and the Knicks can be dated all the way back to prehistoric times. But like most Raptors fans, you know this particular rivalry was truly born in the 2001 NBA playoffs. It was during this year when the Raptors clashed with Knicks for a 2nd straight time in the post-season, only to go on to win their first and only playoff series. With the help of YouTube, let's relive the final quarter that will forever be etched in the hearts of Raptors fans all over the world:

Ah. Beautiful. Brings a tear to my eye.

Alright, so we went back in time to grab an ad for the first ever game between the two teams. We adjusted the set year in our DeLorean DMC-12 and checked out our only playoff series win. But what about now? What has come of the Raptors/Knicks rivalry? Simple. This.

Oh...yeah...and by the way. New York, we thank you for this. Madison Square Garden: Where legends are born.

Whatever you happen to be doing Raptors fans, I hope you enjoyed it With A Side Of Red!

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