Tuesday, March 16, 2010

With A Side Of Red - Mar.16/10 [In the End, There Will Only Be Chaos]

Said the man in this picture: "If all those on Olympus would deny me my vengeance, then all of Olympus will die."

Get er' done BC?

In honor of the release of God of War 3 today, I bring you the deepest shade of "With A Side Of Red" ever. Just like on Mount Olympus - it's not looking good right now in Raptors Nation. Colangelo is panicking more than Zeus is. Why? Because he knows that the wrath of Raptors fans was what gave birth to whatever Kratos is so upset about. The despair and treachery the God of War games use as themes have nothing on what the Raptors camp looks like at the moment. Here's Jack and Bosh opening Pandora's Box:

Next up on our ascent of Mount Olympus, we have this guy. Remember him?

Don't get it twisted, us Raptors fans, we played our part in driving Sam Mitchell out of town. The media got on it, fans were calling for his head. And don't pretend like you forgot the official "Fire Sam Mitchell" website. Yet now, there's already a handful of us who are wishing he was back with the team. This team needs a kick in the butt, and Mitchell would be the type of guy who would rain chaos - just ask Rafer Alston. Sam dropped by to speak on the FAN590 this morning, take a listen:

Sam Mitchell on the FAN590

And lastly, if you missed it yesterday, (since we did upload it a bit later on in the day) here's the first ever episode of the Raptors Rundown Podcast. Thanks again to Rose Arcana for helping me out. For those who'd like to help me co-host an episode, just let me know via email.

And there you guys have it - your daily fix of Raptors related tidbits before we take on that really athletic team we hate so much. Unless this team gets angry enough to want to change something, tomorrow will not be pretty. Solution? Sign Kratos to a 10 day contract and watch him intimidate anyone who comes into the lane. I'd pay to watch.

Whatever you happen to be doing Raptors fans, I hope you enjoyed it With A Side of Red!

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