Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Post Was Decided Before I Even Wrote It...

Like in many forms of entertainment - movies, professional wrestling, plays - the outcome is already decided before it even begins. Without being bluntly direct, let's just say that last night, Toronto Raptors fans were left scratching their heads. In a unison stream of thought, they wondered whether or not they were watching a competition, or a scripted reality show...

Many basketball experts, analysts, and those who follow the team close, openly admitted that last night's Raptors-Lakers game had suspect officiating. Time after time again, the Lakers were gift wrapped opportunities to win this game. Twitter, facebook, and basketball forums throughout the world ended up discussing how the Raptors got punked on national TV.

The Raptors ended up losing on a very difficult (yet classic) Kobe fadeaway with time ticking down. Yet in my opinion, it shouldn't have even come down to that. What I'll forever remember about this game were all the questionable calls - or no calls. Here's some that instantly come to mind:

- Chris Bosh's foul on Kobe as he attempted a lay-up
- Amir Johnson's weak offensive foul/scuffle
- Antoine Wright being called for a foul for putting his hands straight up
- Fan interference with Jose Calderon


In other news from that game (which I'll be expecting a YouTube mix of eventually), Lamar Odom came out with a gem of a quote:

"They ain't done s***. You know what I mean? As a team, as individuals."

Seriously Lamar? What have you done individually? Thank God you've got Kobe to fall back on. Without him, you'd be messing up all over the place. Oh wait -

Lastly, here's a quote from Chris Bosh regarding last night's game and Turk's overall play:

"I think we want to see that," Bosh said. "I think he's still trying to figure out how he can do that. We just have to let him know that he has the opportunity and the chance to be aggressive. He's can do that. He's going to have the ball in his hands a lot. Anytime he wants to make a play, the opportunity is going to be there."

You hear that Turk? It's there. The "Ball" is there. Now go and make the play. We need you bud. We need you right now.

Ready to see if Turk steps up to the plate? Well, tonight will be your chance when the Raptors take on the Kings tonight on TheScore @ 10pm EST.

NOTE: I appreciate the increase of support and readers the GamePointBlog has been getting as of late. Thanks to everyone who's linked back here, means a lot. Keep a look out for a future podcast/video blog we have in store for the future!

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