Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Number Crunching: Where Exactly Did Bosh's Shots Go?

Whenever you rely so much on a single player like how the Raptors rely on Chris Bosh, it's going to be tough to win games. Up to this point in the season, Bosh is averaging 25 pts, 11 reb, 16 shots per game, and 9 free throw attempts. Being pretty gaudy numbers, the Raptors coaching staff have had their hands full trying to make up for their captain's lost stats.

After 6 games without Bosh and going a record of 2-4, to say it's been tough would be an understatement. Had it not been for Jack's heroics in the game against Washington, we could have gone 1-5.

Sure, whatever the coaching staff has decided to go with, it hasn't been a success. But where exactly did Bosh's shots go? Here's a breakdown of 10 Raptors players and their shot averages before Bosh went down, and the amount they're averaging exclusively during this 6 game stretch. (Note: I took into account injuries and games played. Ex: Turk has played 54 games, Calderon has played 45 games, Rasho with 34, etc.)

14.3 shots W/Bosh
13.5 shots WO/Bosh
Diff: -0.8

9.8 shots W/Bosh
10.5 shots WO/Bosh
Diff: +0.7

7.6 shots W/Bosh
10.1 shots WO/Bosh
Diff: +2.5

6.7 shots W/Bosh
4.8 shots WO/Bosh
Diff: -1.9

8.7 shots W/Bosh
8.7 shots WO/Bosh
Diff: 0

5.0 shots W/Bosh
7.8 shots WO/Bosh
Diff: +2.8

5.5 shots W/Bosh
5.4 shots WO/Bosh
Diff: -0.1

3.4 shots W/Bosh
4.5 shots WO/Bosh
Diff: +1.1

2.0 shots W/Bosh
4.6 shots WO/Bosh
Diff: +2.6

3.4 shots W/Bosh
6.5 shots WO/Bosh
Diff: +3.1

Reading this after having watched each of the last 6 games, you can conclude a few things here right off the bat:

1) The big men of the rotation have all benefited from the absence of Bosh; all except for one individual.
2) That individual - being Bargnani - was the one person most Raps fans had hoped would get more touches. The blame is on both the coaching staff and on Andrea here.
3)As expected, both Turk and Jack have stepped up as leaders, and increased shot attempts come with the role.
4) Without Bosh, the Raptors seem more reluctant to have DeRozan involved in the offensive attack. That, or DeRozan is being timid about things. He also has been in a slump.
5) Wright has gotten more shots, but is forcing a lot of them up.
6) Reggie Evans averaged 2.3 shot per game last season, doubling that is troubling for the Raps.

And there you guys have it. Hopefully CB4 returns for this Friday against the Knicks. That is a MUST WIN in my eyes. It was reported earlier today that Bosh practiced. I'm really looking forward to what this team can do at full strength and with a few games under their belt. Something always seems to get in our way just before we can finally get it rolling while healthy.

On that note, I just wanted to thank everybody who has voted for me in the Raptors Pros. Vs. Joes Debate Tournament at I'm in the final round of the Joes bracket and would really appreciate the continued support. It would be really fun to possibly talk ball with phdsteve of RaptorsRepublic in the finals. Help me reach that goal by voting here: Should The Raptors Have Made A Move Before The Deadline?

Till next time. Peace!

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