Saturday, March 13, 2010

Raptors @ Warriors [Fantasy Basketball At Its Finest]

For those who are playing fantasy basketball this year, a good portion of your fantasy leagues are playing out its final season week. With Saturday and Sunday being the last two days before playoffs, it's do or die for some of us struggling to grab the seed we're aiming for.

Thankfully - the Raptors and Warriors are playing each other tonight.

Need points? There's sure to be plenty of that.

Assists? Jack, Jose, Turkoglu, Curry, Ellis, Watson will surely provide the load.

Rebounds? Tons of shots will be put up, and more than a fair share will hit rim.

Steals? Well let's just say both the Raptors and Warriors have been TO prone lately.

If all plays out like it's expected to, basketball fans will be treated to some fantasy basketball gems in the form of stat lines. Both the Raptors and Warriors are in top 5 of the NBA in points scored and points given up per game. The two teams are also in the top 10 in regards to field goal percentage and and opponents' field goal percentage.

To say this game will be a defensive showcasing would be an understatement; so on that note - you're going to need to look elsewhere if you're trailing in the "blocks" category.

What I CAN guarantee however is the abundance of 3pt shots taken, and most likely 3pt shots made. After all - we are pitting a team that currently has the longest streak of games with at least one 3-pointer made; against a team who just happens to have the son of a 3-point specialist Raptors fans may be familiar with:


Raptors 114 - 104 Warriors

It's bound to be a high scoring game. Being this late into the season, teams aren't going to significantly deviate from what the stats say they are. If the Raptors end up finding a way to somewhat fix their broken defense, it'll be back in Toronto where they'll be able to work on their schemes in the comfort of their own practice court. Still, I think the Raps come away with this. The sense of urgency will be there, and this is a must win before they take on a tough Portland team tomorrow.

Catch the game tonight at 10:30 pm EST on TSN.

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