Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Would Hedo's "My Player" Grade Be?

In a world hampered by the recession, there is one industry that seems to be immune to it all - the business of video games.

Video games have thrived in the past and will always continue to find success because it appeals to all ages. You've got your action and adventure games, your puzzle games, music-inspired games, and even games that encourage you to stay fit. But what's the one division of the gaming world that is basically foolproof when it comes to sales? You guessed it. Sports games.

So what happens when you take a sports game like NBA 2K10 and fuse it with our favorite NBA team? Simple, you get this thought-provoking mystery:

"What was Hedo Turkoglu's "My Player" teammate grade last night?"

If you own a copy of NBA 2K10, you've probably played their newest feature called "My Player". In this mode, you take control of one individual instead of the usual full team. Though it does have it flaws and bugs, the developers did a fair job in their first year with the game mode in regards to capturing what it feels like to play basketball in real life.

One of the key features of "My Player" represents itself through the game's grading system. In an attempt to give gamers something to play for, a player must gain skill points. These points can then be used to upgrade their player's abilities (these range from obvious skills like mid range shooting, ball handling, and on ball-defense to little things like clutch factor, stamina, and strength). Now, in order to gain these skill points, you basically have to earn a passing grade from the game. This can be done in each game by completing objectives such as "Commit less than 2 turnovers" or "Shoot better than 40% from the field". Another way you can gain points is by simply playing like how you would at your local community centre. In other words: "Don't be a jerk." Be productive. Be a good teammate. And don't goof around.

Which got me thinking about Hedo Turkoglu's wonderful performance last night against the Memphis Grizzlies.

29 minutes
1 point
1 rebound
2 assists
1 steal
3 turnovers
3 fouls
0% FG
0% 3pt%
50% FT%


Limit your matchup to 15 points - FAILED
Commit less than 2 Turnovers - FAILED
Score at least 10 points - FAILED
Shoot better than 40% from the field - FAILED
Shoot better than 30% from the field - FAILED
Shooter better than 20%... - FAILED
10%? - FAILED
Entertain us with one word answers - FAILED
Finish the game with a teammate grade of A+ - FOREVER IN PROGRESS

The Good
Fill Lane Correctly - 2
Defensive Rebound - 1
Good Pass - 2

The Bad
Bad Shot Selection - 5
Turnover - 3
Bad positioning - 3

Lacking Effort
Assists - 1
Points - 1
Relevance To The Team - ....

Individual Performance: -200 skill points
Highlight Plays: 0

Wise Words From The NBA 2K Insider
Wow! That was a great game...for the other player that had to guard you. Luckily for them, they didn't have to worry about you for an entire 4 quarters. Did you walk away from the television screen thinking you had pressed the "Pause" button? Fortunately for you, that contract of yours is unmovable. There's absolutely no advice I can give you at this point. Maybe we can just return the game from where you bought it?

Teammate Grade: F

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