Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ten Points Away From The End Of The World


That was a close one.

And by a close one, I mean that we just avoided a 2012-esque world catastrophe. Imagine what would have happened if we had lost to the New Jersey Nets? You know, the same team that with a record of 4 wins and a ridiculous 44 loses! That would not have been a pretty sight whatsoever.

Many fans bought a ticket to tonight's game expecting one of the easiest wins of the season. After all, Toronto had no trouble dismantling the Nets in their first meeting. But not tonight. This rematch turned out to be a very tightly contested game. Don't let the final score fool you, from start to finish, neither team really broke away to take a commanding lead. Fortunately for the Toronto Raptors and their fans, the home team was able to pull it out with a final score of 108-99.

To tell you the truth, I was hoping the Raps would dominate tonight for a full 48 minutes. And though there will be more than a fair share of fans who would feel the same, I'm just glad we got out of there with the win. Remember, come the end of the season, there will only be two columns you look at. The win column. And the loss column. The most important thing to is to get the win; it doesn't matter how you do it, just win.

There had been a spell during the second quarter - after the Raps went 0/6 - when the fans began to boo mercilessly. This city is itching to get behind a proven winner, and rightfully so, they expressed their displeasure. Fortunately, the Raptors responded behind big nights from the likes of Chris Bosh, Jarrett Jack, Sonny Weems, and Amir Johnson.

Regardless of the win, questions do need to be asked and addressed. The biggest one has to be: Why do we keep falling behind teams by 10 or more points? This was the 6th game in a row that it's happened. Elite teams do have a reputation of slacking and turning it on when needed. But here's a news flash Raptors fans - WE ARE NOT ELITE! We can't afford to trail by that many, evident by what happened last night in Indiana.

Something's gotta happen to change that. I'm also looking forward to the team being at full health again. Yes, we're deep. Yes, multiple people step it up. But we're in a part of our schedule where we need everybody to be firing on all cylinders. I'm especially hoping Turk comes back soon so we don't go through another abysmal scoring drought.

But hey, congrats to us. Disaster avoided.

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