Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Super Outing On A Super Sunday

Make that 7 in a row for the Raptors at the Air Canada Centre.

And on top of that, make that another monster game by Raptors captain Chris Bosh. With 36 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists, the Raptors were able to come away with yet another win in front of the home crowd. Bosh has said it so himself - he hasn't been this excited in awhile. And you know what? Neither have us Raptors fans. The Raptors are currently on pace to match the most amount of wins before the All Star break in franchise history. On top of that, the team is on pace to match their franchise high 47 wins in a season.

Things are looking good in Raptorsland. But you would have never thought that if all you watched was ESPN.

Highlights of the Raptors-Kings game were shown during the broadcast of the Celtics-Magic bout, and only one thing was made clear during the segment - Chris Bosh WILL leave Toronto.

What is their problem? It just never stops with these guys.

For example, every Raptors fan knows about the amazing win the team pulled off against Kobe and the Lakers. But the mere thought of the Raps winning would have never even crossed your mind if you saw the highlight package. Of course, there was the time the Raps played the Knicks on a Thursday, allowing them to show highlights on TNT. And out of nowhere, they talk about how the Lakers bigmen are more versatile and skilled than the Raptors' Bosh and Bargnani. Literally, OUT OF NOWHERE, they talk about the Lakers bigs, during an entire highlight package between the RAPTORS and the KNICKS.

And what about all these people on TV going about how Bosh will leave, and there's no doubt about it. Where are they hearing this from? Chris Bosh has made it a priority to leave all this free agency talk for the summer. We're in the middle of the NBA season, and what matters most to him is the success the Raps see this season.

ESPN, TNT, Andy Roddick, and whoever else doesn't follow the Raps but pretend like they tap Bryan Colagenlo's phones, go talk about something else! Go talk about DWade and how his team is on a 5 game losing streak and 3 games below .500. Go talk about how it's best for LeBron to leave for New York. But PLEASE stop acting like you actually watch Raptors games. Because you don't. Just leave your agendas at home, and don't worry about the igloos the Raptors players have to live in while they stay here - we'll make sure to keep them properly maintained.

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