Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shock And Awe

The picture is fitting right? Because doesn't Kevin Durant remind you of that cheap video game player your best friend always created? You know what I'm talking about, the one that was taller than anyone else at their position, could score from anywhere, could move incredibly fast for their height, and had 99 overall everything?

Well, that's what the Raptors had to deal with tonight. Except in this scenario, you nor they could press pause or choose to play another game. Instead, this team was forced to sit there and witness an absolute blitzkrieg in the form of the Thunder offense.

It wasn't even fair. And that was made obvious from the start.

Yet though the Thunder dug our grave, we certainly handed them the shovel. I lost count of how many silly or unforced turnovers the Raps committed; only for OKC to run it down our throat right after. Which brings me to my next point.

This season definitely has had its ups and downs. You never know which Raptors team we'll get to show up. But one thing we can be certain about - night in and night out - is that this team will struggle against athletic squads. This game had shades of what happened when we ran into Atlanta twice this season. Not pretty at all.

With the Olympics now over, the question "Do you believe?" can finally be replaced with "When does Chris Bosh come back?".

Because if you haven't noticed yet, the Raptors suddenly find themselves on the verge of slipping in the standings:

(5) Toronto: 31-27
(6) Chicago: 31-28
(7) Milwaukee: 30-29
(8) Charlotte: 28-29
(9) Miami: 29-31

In what was first a situation that had Raptors players telling the media that the playoffs were a guarantee, and all that mattered was where they finished; has now turned into something far from that. Only 3 games separate Miami from Toronto. And as usual with tight races, one of these four teams will unfortunately miss out on the post-season.

Yes, Canada beat USA for the gold medal in hockey.

And of course, Canada set a new standard in gold medal count at the Winter Games.

Heck, even Canada's own Blueprint Cru is invading the America's Best Dance Crew show.

So with that said, I guess you can't win them all - as long as you win more than Chicago, Milwaukee, Charlotte, and Miami that is.

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