Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time For The Raptors To Find A New Love

Last night's win against the Miami Heat was a big one. Not only did it propel the Raptors into the 5th seed, but it allowed the team to finally move the furthest its been from the .500 mark this season. During this recent stretch of great basketball, Toronto has flirted with the .500 mark the entire way. Whether it's 1 to 2 games above or below the mark, the Raps have stayed close with such frequency that you would think they were lovestruck.

Yet with a 111-103 win in front of a stellar ACC crowd, the Raptors took the first step in getting away from an unhealthy relationship. It's typical really. The Raptors were in one of those unions where their significant other was holding them back, never wanting what was best for the Raptors. The team had dreams, goals, and ambitions to make something out of themselves, but their partner never allowed them to become the best the Raps could be. Always shielding them from growth, constantly behaving overprotective of the team, their lover always kept a close eye on the Raps; never letting them stray too far.

And for a long time, the Raptors seemed either too in love, or too clueless to realize everyone but them saw a problem. Yet slowly but surely, the transition has been taking place. And the Raps' best friends are starting to get excited about it. And why shouldn't they be? After all, they just want the Raptors to be happy.

Tonight, Canada's lone basketball team clashes with the New York Knicks. Will the team show regression and fall back into .500's arms? Or will the Raptors show more progress and finally prove to us they're ready to get past this love affair?

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