Saturday, January 30, 2010

There's No Rest For The Wicked; Unless You're The Raptors

With the confidence at an all time high, the Raptors prepare themselves for their third meeting with the Indiana Pacers tomorrow afternoon at the Air Canada Centre. Sitting - not so comfortably - in the 5th seed, the Raps know that they can't relax for even a second.

Or should they?

Much has been made out of the Raps and their struggles with the second game of back to backs. More often than not, the team looks lethargic when the schedule demands they tie em up for a second day in a row. Along with the fatigue, the Raps also show an odd lack of motivation. That inspirational kind of basketball is just another weapon the elite teams of the NBA fall back on when they need that little "umph" to pull out a victory.

But then there's also the opposite end of the spectrum.

When the Raptors are allowed two days or more of rest before a game, they are a very impressive 8-0. Is it just a coincidence that we come out firing in these type of games? Or does an ample amount of rest really make the difference with us? And even though we're "perfect" in these scenarios, what does that really say about our team's conditioning level?

The Raps' next game against the Pacers just so happens to be one of those games where we are well rested. Based on this particular stat, I fully expect the team to come out inspired and energetic. With the Heat, Bobcats, and Bulls hot on our tails, the only thing that needs to be put to rest is this race for the 5th seed.

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