Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shoot For Ball; Do or Die

Ok, well maybe not the extent some of you interpreted that. Then again, you may be a tad lost if you didn't get any meaning from the title. After all, this is a basketball blog. More specifically, this is a blog, a website, a journal dedicated to the Toronto Raptors. It's my shot attempt at a basket that consists of more than just two points, a rim connected to a mesh of thousands of interconnecting fans. It's crowded in here, but I like the pressure this situation brings. Everyone is eager for the opening possession, but I'm here for the long run, whether it's up to 11 or 21. Why? Because I love to help write a Cinderella story as much as I love to read the defense. But most importantly, I love to entertain. That sold out stadium is breathtaking. There's not a better feeling than an audience you've earned the respect of.

And so they watch.

And so do I.

Watch the ball release from my fingertips. And into the air. Then into an airball...

Call wind. But we're inside the gym...

Call foul. But no one was even near me....

Pretend you just finished lifting weights even though you show no particular muscle development.

Whatever the next move is, one thing is for certain, this won't be like anything you expected or are used to. So what? You missed the shot for 'first ball'. Big deal. It's a long game. There'll be more shots to come. And more after that. And then more after that. And you'll knock em down one by one. Or at least you hope. Because at the end of the day, it's not what you say in the beginning, but what you say near the end.


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