Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back To Back To Under .500

Words could not describe the look on Chris Bosh's face after he put up a career high 44 points only to end up losing to the Milwaukee Bucks. In all the seasons of Bosh's young career, I had never seen the Raptors' captain look so dejected. Tonight's 107-113 loss definitely proved to be a candidate for most disappointing loss up to this point in the season.

But maybe we should have seen this one coming? After all, the Raps were on the tail end of a back to back.

Before tonight's game with the Bucks, the Raps held a record of 2-5 on second games of a back to back. Here are the following games:

Dallas L 101-129
Utah L 91-104
Charlotte L 81-116
Chicago W 110-78
Milwaukee L 95-117
Orlando L 99-118
San Antonio W 91-86

In these games, the Raps are scoring an average of 95 points per game (8 below their season average), and are giving up 106 points per game (2 more points above their season average). Do the math and that's a 10 point swing.

Exactly what is going here? Are they fatigued? What about the depth of their bench? Wasn't that supposed to help? The Raptors have to find a way to dig down deep in these types of games.

***Other Notes***

- Exactly what is going on with Jay Triano? That's two straight games where he's had questionable substitutions and playcalls to close out games. Bargs was having a rough night, but Jay put him back out there to replace Amir Johnson - who just happened to be doing a pretty good job of grabbing defensive rebounds.

- So let me get this straight, our workhorse Chris Bosh, on a career night, doesn't get a touch for 4 straight possessions to close out the game? Instead, we opt for a Bargnani 3 and an Antoine Wright 3? GET BOSH THE BALL!

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